Career Profile

A senior fullstack developer with over 10 years of experience in designing, developing, implementing, and troubleshooting various JAVA/J2EE/Javascript based applications. Worked on projects involving AGILE methodologies, SCRUM, Kanban, and followed Test Driven Development (TDD). Designed, developed, and maintained various microservices using Java and Nodejs. Excellent experience with SQL databases such as MySQL, DB2, MariaDB, and Oracle. On the NoSQL side I used OrientDB, MongoDB and CouchDB/Cloudant. Excellent experience in designing, developing and managing CMS (Content Management Systems) solutions like Magnolia CMS. A very good experience in front-end technologies like Angular, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. Hands on experience building and depolying web-applications using cloud services and standalone Linux servers. Proficiency in System Life Cycle including developing and testing applications. Strong analytical, design skills and problem-solving abilities.


Sr. Technical Specialist, Architect

Dec/2017 - Present
NBCUniversal Media, Orlando

Developed guest micro service and enhanced other related micro services using NodeJS.

Utilized Kafka eventing to work with guest services profiles creation and updates.

Enhanced the build and deployment pipelines of micro services using ubuild and udeploy.

Configured Kibana dashboard to display micro services logging.

Integrated SONAR to properly scan and detect harmful and buggy code.

Supervised other developers work and involved and owned all guest micro service code review process.

Worked with product owner and analyst to refine and prioritize story cards for the sprints.

Senior Software Engineer

Feb/2017 - Dec/2018
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Developed multiple SOAP and RESTful middleware services using Spring, Apache CXF, and Hystrix by Netflix.

Extensively used Jenkins to deploy and release services.

Developed Darkchocolate mock service suite using Spring Boot, Spring WebServices, Vaadin, and SOAP UI library to provide a quick tool for developers to mock WebServices. This tool enhanced developer’s productivity and provided a solid solution for QA to use automation testing.

Deployed and managed web services and web apps to GAIA (Internal Cloud based on Cloud Foundry)

Worked as a full stack developer in ASI team in an AGILE environment.

Participated in developing shared modules and components, used across the organization’s applications.

Improved and added new features to the ASI framework which was based on AngularJS.

Used RactiveJS for templating and data binding.

Implemented RequireJS with NodeJS to manage dependencies and install required libraries.

Developed REST API using Spring Rest Controllers.

Used JUnit along with Mockito extensively to test back-end code like servlets, controllers, filters, and services.

Configured Jenkins to build and deploy Maven based projects.

Used Gherkin & Cucumber with Java/Groovy for UI automation tests.

Senior Software Engineer

Oct/2010 - Jan/2016
Al Arabiya News Channel & MBC Group, Dubai

Used Magnolia-CMS (Content Management System) 4.4.8 which was based on Java/J2EE, and other modules provided by Magnolia and Openmind.

Built and deployed projects on Apache Tomcat, hosted on Amazon EC2 instances using linux OS, and used Amazon S3 to host static files like images and videos.

Used Amazon Elastic Bean Stalk (EBS) to deploy web apps developed using spring boot with embedded tomcat. Configured with Github for continuous delivery.

Enhanced the performance, reliability and achieved global reach of the entire website by using Amazon cloud front as a CDN.

Configured and managed DNS entries in Amazon Route 53.

Migrated old content to the new CMS using MYSQL DB and Java Content Repository (JCR) API.

Implemented a service to index published articles into a SOLR server using SOLR4J library and provided a WEB Service to read from SOLR server and return results as JSON feed used in both front end and back end.

Customized STK (Standard Templating Kit) module to meet Media requirements.

Created custom front-end templates using FTL (FreeMarker Template Language) to accommodate requirements like social, ads, video, audio, polls boxes, breaking news, comments, latest events, and many others.

Enhanced workflow related modules to solve blocking issues.

Worked with planning team to finalize use cases and wireframes.

Enrolled in Magnolia extensive technical training for one week, provided by technical support engineers from Magnolia, and received a Magnolia Developer Certificate.

Documented setup environment walk-through instructions and maintained them in JIRA Wiki.

Used JIRA and TRELO to manage projects, track bugs, and other project related tasks.

Provided intensive training for new hires and helped them set up the environment and go through code.

Developed User generated content (UGC) Components using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and Followed MVP design pattern to create front end related widgets and pages; used Smart GWT to develop back-end components which are required for admin interface moderator’s use; Components were Polls, multi polls, trivia, comments, latest events, user forms, and sports live score and results widgets and pages.

Led and developed the official Android application.

Worked with Opta Core Sports Data Feed to read and store data into OrientDB by running scheduled jobs to update the data on a timely basis. Front-end pages and widgets were developed in GWT and by requesting a REST API to read and populate data from MEMCACHED servers.

Developed a back end and frontend web application using latest VAADIN libraries along with MAVEN and ORIENTDB as Graph DB. Used Hibernate/JPA on top of MYSQL DB for other data purposes. This framework was used in many web applications like latest events, to get updates from external systems of breaking news, custom twitter search application called TWTIFIER, Politics game, and business calendar back-end dashboard panels.These systems were used by editorial team to create widgets for front end or for Android and IOS apps feeds. Used Jersey API as a WEB Service REST API to return the feed in JSON format.

Software Engineer

Mar/2010 - Nov/2010
Global Information Technology

Used OpenCms as CMS (Content Management System) framework.

Customized OpenCms framework to match client requirement like localizing the whole workplace into Arabic language.

Added more functions to OpenCms like attaching a video/audio player to the NEWS/EVENTS templates, sending emails to the user’s group when publishing a new content, replacing the existing images galley with LightBox JQuery, integrating JQuery components like calendar, pagination feature to the list of news.

Came up with a custom search engine (Apache Lucene) required for DCD users to search content’s uploaded like Microsoft office documents.

Organized Users and permissions to different sections in the intranet project.

Development environment was on Apache Tomcat server, production environment on WebLogic server.

Migrated database from MYSQL to Oracle 11g.

Configured WebLogic clustering and session replication.

Used J2EE and JSF to implement page flows for a BEAWebLogic portal.

Used JDBC to call stored procedures to handle database operations.

Software Engineer

Jan/2008 - Mar/2010
Gate Gourmet

Involved in system analysis and design, participated in user requirements gathering, and wrote functional specifications and technical specifications.

Provided fundamental understanding of the client’s needs and the technological direction best followed to meet them.

Involved in requirement gathering, analysis, and designing of architecture, Low-Level Design Document (LLD), and High-Level Design Document.

Interviewed senior software engineer candidates for this project.

Provided intensive training sessions for new team off-shore members in Spring, DOJO, Flex, and Hibernate.

Team lead for a group of 5 off-shore java developers.

Developed framework level widgets in DOJO and AJAX, like AutoSuggest feature which was used in most of the text boxes in the project.

Developed Custom Tag Libraries for use in the JSP pages.

Designed, implemented and deployed J2EE web application using proven design patterns like Session Façade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, and Singleton.

Developed and designed the J2EE components using Spring Controllers, JSP, HTML, and XML.

Developed various EJB components to fulfill business functionality and Session Beans to process requests from user.

Followed Spring framework to implement Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and Dependency Injection (DI).

Worked on ORM based Hibernate framework for data persistence.

Implemented Quartz Scheduler for pax count update, which created triggers with defined jobs to call Delta Airline interface to get the required details.

Configured Jprofiler with JBOSS server to monitor the performance.

Integrated service order creation with SAP system. Used JCO API to communicate with SAP server.

Coded JSP pages and used JavaScript for client side validations and to achieve other client-side functionality.

Used Jakarta Struts Framework to implement Model View Controller (MVC).

Defined and implemented XML Schema and XMLBeans for inter-module communication.

Used JBOSS server for deploying various components of application.

Configured the WebLogic, and WebSphere application server and WSAD IDE, during training.

Used Oracle, MySQL for database on the server side.


List of certificates

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP 1.5) - A basic exam required to demonstrate solid understanding of Java as a programming language and is a prerequisite to being a certified Programmer.
Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD 1.4) - A certification which requires proficiency in the application of Java Server Pages and servlet technologies used to present Web services and dynamic Web content using Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE technology).
Magnolia CMS Certified Developer. - Magnolia's certification program lets you build your developer skills and showcase your experience working with Magnolia.
7 habits of Highly Effective People. - Presents a holistic, integrated, principle-centered approach for solving personal and professional problems.

Skills & Proficiency


NodeJS & Microservices

Javascript & jQuery

Angular & Bootstrap



Jenkins & Docker